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The KOMO foundation manages the KOMO Quality Mark range. Performing actual certification is the responsibility of reputable certification bodies: the KOMO licensees. They write the KOMO Assessment Directives. These must comply with set quality requirements and are then checked by KOMO. KOMO licensees also test building products, building processes, people, services and management systems for the building and infrastructure sector in accordance with these directives. They then issue KOMO certificates.

The KOMO foundation checks whether the KOMO Assessment Directives meet the KOMO quality standard. KOMO licensees are also checked. Certification bodies are only permitted to certify after they have been accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Council (abbreviated from Dutch: RvA). This takes place according to international standards.

For issuing certificates in all countries, the KOMO foundation currently has licensing agreements with the following organisations:

Most of these certification bodies also manage assessment directives.

For the management of assessment directives, the KOMO Foundation has also concluded agreements with:

These foundations manage the assessment directives for the recycling sector, the installation sector, the road markings sector and the soil sector.

Would you like to become a certified KOMO Quality Mark holder? If you do you can seek direct contact with the certification bodies listed above.

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