Quality Assurance Act for Building (Wkb): KOMO process certification firmly growing

The demand for KOMO-certified building processes is firmly in an upward trend. This is partly due to the effect of the new Quality Assurance Act for Building (Wkb). With the arrival of the Wkb, the Civil Code will change also. Every builder in The Netherlands will be tasked with the burden of proof and will need to be able to show in black and white that the work performed has been done professionally in each and every project.


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Proud of your KOMO certificate? Why not show it... 3 tips & tricks!

As a KOMO certificate holder you take a leading position in the market. You are special because you provide objectively proven quality. That’s something you ought to let everyone see! With these tips & tricks you will convince customers even faster of the added value your KOMO certificates offer.
And therefore of the added value of your products or services.


Are you aware of everything KOMO brings you?

Your company has one or more KOMO certificates. And what does that get you? We have set that out for you in a summary.

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