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All KOMO assessment guidelines now in online STABU database

June 16, 2022

KOMO assessment guidelines will now be integrated in the online STABU database! This is another step forward in the digitisation of the building sector using KOMO quality data.

KOMO stands for objectively and independently determined quality in house building, utilities, road and hydraulic engineering. STABU's online Web Catalogue includes KOMO assessment guidelines for specifications writers. The STABU system helps the specifications writer draw up and process building files quickly and efficiently.

KOMO assessment guidelines now in STABU database!
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KOMO developments continue as always!

February 23, 2022

Now that the dust has settled on the postponement of the Building Quality Assurance Act (Dutch abbreviation: Wkb) it is time to look ahead. We join KOMO and KiK (KOMO’s Quality Assurance Instrument) director Ton Jans to run through the developments within KOMO.

Ton Jans: 'It's time to look ahead.'
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Innovation Assessment Guideline (iAG) for innovative air treatment technology designed to prevent COVID contamination in lifts

January 4, 2022
iAG for air treatment technique in lifts
iAG for air treatment technique in lifts
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New KKTC Chairman sees innovation as central theme

September 30, 2021

Jos Lichtenberg, chairman KKTC
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KOMO sets up Objections Committee

June 7, 2021

New Objections Committee
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