Choosing KOMO Quality = choosing certainty. Worldwide.

KOMO guarantees that the quality has been objectively tested by independent experts. On the basis of predetermined, generally accepted requirements.

KOMO Quality Mark: international guarantee since 1962

Every product for a building or infrastructure sector that is provided under KOMO certification meets very strict quality requirements*. Only when accredited, independent certification institutions repeatedly confirm that it meets all requirements is such a product permitted to carry the KOMO Quality Mark.

The stringent, internationally valid and maintained rules concerning KOMO certification schemes determine the added value of products** that come with a KOMO Quality Mark. That’s why KOMO quality always provides certainty. Worldwide.

(*) Requirements for KOMO certification are drawn up in advance by special Committees of Experts, in which all interested parties are represented. The requirements are described in an Assessment Directive (Dutch: BRL). (**) Besides the benefits for products (all building and infrastructure products, raw and auxiliary materials), KOMO certification also creates additional value for building processes, building systems, realisation processes, services, management systems and innovations in the building and infrastructure sector.

What certainty does KOMO offer you as client?

If it comes with KOMO certification, you know the quality is a fact
Everything that is KOMO certified, meets all the requirements of professional market parties and international governments***. The KOMO Quality Mark is proof of this.

Objectively tested by independent experts
Independent experts repeatedly test KOMO quality, as a result, consistent quality is guaranteed. And you always get value for your money!

KOMO certified products pay for themselves
Products with the KOMO Quality Mark last a long time and require less maintenance. Laboratory tests show this.

No matter where in the world: the same requirements, the same testing
KOMO certificate holders in all countries follow the same quality requirements and are checked in the same way by the same accredited certification institutions and laboratories.****

KOMO has been proving quality for more than 55 years
The KOMO Quality Mark has been widely known for more than 55 years in the building and infrastructure sector.
You can rely on KOMO: you get the best tested quality. As promised.

(***) Including, the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), Environmental Product Declarations (EPD, LCA), the Dutch Building Decree, the Dutch Soil Quality Decree, the Dutch Drinking Water Decree (drinking water pipeline requirements, legionella prevention) and so on.
(****) Accredited certification institutions in the Netherlands sometimes outsource (parts of) inspections to accredited institutions in other countries. Reports that are drawn up by foreign institutions under accreditation will be accepted.

The KOMO promise in 48 countries

Every KOMO certified product meets all of the high standards of quality required by the legislation and regulations applicable in the Netherlands within the building and infrastructure sector, these being the Dutch Building Decree plus all international regulations that apply in the Netherlands (and in most other EU countries);

Every KOMO certified product meets all high standards of quality required by professional market parties operating in the Netherlands in the relevant building and infrastructure disciplines;

As a result, products with a KOMO Quality Mark achieve a quality level that is internationally recognised and acknowledged and that offers certainty to buyers;

The KOMO Quality Mark is carried in 48 countries throughout the world, on almost all continents and in the most diverse product ranges of the building and infrastructure sector, because there is a demand for an objective, universal quality standard everywhere — even if this does not officially match the legislation currently in force at the location.


KOMO is a household name. From Malaysia to the USA.

KOMO is a household name in (submarkets of) the building and infrastructure sector. From Malaysia to the USA. And from Peru to Belarus. See where approximately 4.300 KOMO certified companies are active.

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