The KOMO foundation exercises the greatest possible care in the management of its website. However, it cannot guarantee that all content on this website is and shall remain correct and complete, for which reason no rights can be derived from this website.

Furthermore, content submitted by third parties is published on this website, this includes but is not limited to descriptions of photographs and other images of certified or attested products or realisation processes, details of reference projects accompanied by photographs and other visual material in which certified or attested products or realisation processes and company logos are applied.

The KOMO foundation is not responsible for the correctness and has no substantive involvement whatsoever with (the creation of) this content provided by third parties. It therefore accepts no liability whatsoever for any alleged direct or indirect damage in connection with any content of an inaccurate, incomplete, unlawful or as the case may be, infringing nature.

The KOMO foundation reserves the right to delete content from third parties if, after being notified of this, the content is deemed to be in conflict with rights of third parties (including but not limited to intellectual property rights) or any legal provision. Complaints about content in this context can be emailed to secretariaat@komo.nl.

The KOMO foundation always does its very best to process complaints within 2 working days. The third party responsible for the content will be informed of the complaint and will be given the opportunity to offer a defence in response to the complaint.

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