Certification procedure by certification body

KOMO doesn’t certify or perform tests itself. That is carried out by certification bodies that have entered into a licensing agreement with KOMO and who are accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Council. They can tell you everything about the certification procedure. The certification bodies are:

You can of course also contact KOMO directly if you want to be certified. We will then guide you to the certification body of your choice.

Various Dutch certification bodies (CBs) have cooperation agreements with CBs outside the Netherlands.

If confidence is justified it’s good to show it

KOMO stands for quality. That is why a KOMO certificate has a lot of added value for your products, processes and/or services. And so for your organisation as well. That is why it makes perfect sense to explicitly announce that you are in possession of one or more KOMO certificates. Or to ‘advertise’ the fact that you use KOMO certified products, processes or services. This gives buyers and clients justifiable confidence and helps you to achieve a preferential position as a supplier. By the way: a supplier of KOMO certified products is permitted to use the KOMO word mark but not the KOMO® logo. See below: using the KOMO logo.

KOMO supports your marketing communication

  • You can download information on this website and use it, where required, for your own promotional activities (provided you are a certificate holder, of course);
  • You can upload photographic material and/or a description of your product; this information will be shown publicly with your certificate(s);
  • You can upload your company logo, a description of your company and your products; this information will be shown publicly with your certificate(s);
  • You can opt to have reference projects placed on the KOMO website;
  • You can promote your KOMO certified products through a blog on the KOMO website;
  • We regularly initiate publicity in relevant media to inform buyers and clients about the added value of KOMO certification;
  • If your products and services are KOMO certified you can give them additional promotion on this frequently visited site and in the KOMO Newsletter, which effectively reaches thousands of buyers and clients.
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