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KOMO is an independent non-profit foundation. KOMO was founded in 1962 with the aim of making the building flow manageable and the quality for building and infrastructure transparent. The KOMO foundation does this by issuing quality declarations (certificates and suchlike), after external, independent experts (accredited certification bodies) have determined that a product, realisation process or service continues to meet the applicable requirements. Quality checks performed for the KOMO Quality Mark involve approximately 600,000 man-hours every year. This gives a very high degree of certainty to appliers in the building and infrastructure sector, one of the most important economic sectors. And the clients of those sectors gain; the trust they seek.

These general conditions apply to the use of the website

The use of the logo is subject to the conditions defined in the ‘Regulations for the use of the figurative and word trademarks of the KOMO foundation’.


Your privacy is very important to us. The data you provide will only be used for sending the information requested by you.
The way in which we deal with information provided by certificate holders is set out in our Privacy Statement. This statement also sets out:

  • When and what data belonging to certificate holders are published by us and when they are not, and if they are published, which data it concerns.
  • In which situation the data of certificate holders are passed on, and who the recipient(s) is/are.

In all other cases, the data provided by certificate holders is only used for the promotion of the KOMO certified products and/or realisation processes and/or services, or for sending the information requested by you.

The KOMO website and associated database are monitored to prevent any unauthorised uploading and/or downloading of information and/or changes to the content. Attempts such as these and attempts to disable or bypass the security of our website and/or associated database are prohibited. The use of the KOMO website and/or associated database for purposes other than those for which it is intended is also forbidden. If a case of unauthorised or improper use is identified it will be reported. By using our website you agree to this monitoring.

Publication of Documents

We publish the following documents on the website:

  • The KOMO quality declarations (certificates, etc.) in PDF if permission has been granted for this by the certificate holder and the relevant certification body.
  • The assessment directives with associated model quality declarations in PDF, which form the basis for the quality declarations issued.
  • The ‘standard’ specification texts in Word, which are part of an Assessment Directive, such as those that can be applied by specification experts.
  • The chains of Assessment Directives in PDF, on the basis of which the KOMO Quality Chain logo can be used by a certificate holder.
  • The description of the performance assurance level offered, such as that which is provided by a certificate holder and which is part of the KOMO Quality Chain Plus logo of the certificate holder.

Publication of regulations (or similar) and associated documents

We publish the following regulations and associated documents on the website:

  • The regulations for the use of the figurative and word trademarks of KOMO.
  • The document with the requirements set for the assured performance of products and/or realisation processes offered by certificate holders (still under development).
  • The KOMO quality standard for product certification in PDF, in which the rules, conditions and requirements are recorded as regards the publication and content of assessment directives for products and realisation processes and the issue and content of quality declarations.
  • The generic models of the different types of quality declarations.
  • The regulations for drawing up a risk analysis for the benefit of an assessment directive for a product or realisation process (still under development).
  • The KOMO quality standard for management systems, in which the rules, conditions and requirements are recorded with regard to the publication and content of assessment directives for management systems and the issue and content of management system certificates.
  • The regulation of the KOMO Quality and Assessment Committee (KKTC) that is responsible for the assessment and acceptance of assessment directives and the handling of objections against the KOMO agency regarding the handling of assessment directives and quality declarations.

Use of MyKOMO

Companies that hold a valid KOMO quality declaration (certificate and suchlike) have the right to access MyKOMO. In this environment they can download the KOMO logo and/or the QR code that applies to them. There they can also upload their company logo and a photograph relating to the product or process concerned.
Holders of a product certificate and/or a certificate for a realisation process can download the KOMO Quality logo there and, if applicable, apply for the KOMO Quality Chain logo or the KOMO Quality Chain Plus logo.
They can of course also view their company details there and pass on any corrections, but they can also indicate whether they are interested in a blog about their product and/or process.


The entire content of the website and the associated database is the property of the KOMO foundation, with all rights reserved. No parts of this website may be used in other systems or as the case may be, imitated, transmitted or copied, without written permission from KOMO. However, it is permitted to download information which, as such, has been/is made available for that purpose, provided correct source referencing is applied.


The website and various documents may contain hyperlinks to other external websites. These websites may contain information that has been developed and maintained by other organisations. If the information is derived from other organisations, this shall be clearly indicated. Any such hyperlinks and information are included for the convenience of visitors to this website. The KOMO Foundation is not responsible for the content and completeness of the information concerned and also does not accept any liability for this.

The trade names and brands of products and/or processes, and the commercial information included about these, are intended for clarification; the relevant certificate holder is responsible for the information included therein and not the KOMO foundation.

Any references on other web pages to specific commercial information, products, processes or services or the use of trade names and brands on the website, is for the convenience of the visitors and should not be construed as a recommendation or a favour.

Rates and Payments

All rates as stated on the website are exclusive of any VAT charges due, unless stated otherwise. The KOMO foundation is entitled to adjust the rates at any time. Changes are always implemented as quickly as possible on the website.

Payments must be made within 30 days of the invoice date, unless the invoice concerned states otherwise. Possible objections to an invoice must be submitted within this period. In case of failure to pay by the due date, the party concerned will owe KOMO an interest rate equal to the Euro Basic Interest Rate increased by two (2) per cent, commencing from the due date until payment. If recovery proceedings are initiated, the other party is obliged to reimburse the costs that arise from this.

Secrecy and Independence

The information on the website can and will only be used in relation to KOMO certification. However, KOMO foundation employees and licensees are bound to secrecy about the content of specific certification processes, complaints or objections about the certification process and/or complaints about products delivered under certification or processes executed.

The independence of the certification institutes responsible for issuing and checking the KOMO quality declarations (certificates and suchlike) is supervised by the Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA), an autonomous administrative authority (ZBO) that monitors the independence and quality of certification processes on behalf of the government.


The KOMO foundation has done everything possible to provide complete and correct information on this website. Nevertheless, no guarantees can be given that errors or mistakes have not been made. It is therefore also not possible to claim the correctness, completeness or relevance of the content of the website. The KOMO foundation does not accept claims regarding liability in relation to errors, the lack of information and the content of the website.

The KOMO foundation, its licensees and certificate holders or employees, cannot and may not provide a guarantee, in an implicit or explicit manner, regarding the content and application of the website.

Applicable Law

On this website, Dutch law applies to all documents belonging to this website, our instrument and all legal relations that may result from the use of the website. Any disputes arising from this website will be heard exclusively by a court of our choosing.

Amending the General Conditions

We reserve the right to amend these General Conditions. Changes will be published on this website.

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