Which types of KOMO certificates are there?

There is a range of KOMO certificates:

  1. KOMO product certificate
  2. KOMO attestation for the performance of a product during its application
  3. KOMO product certificate with attestation, a combination of a product certificate accompanied by an attestation.
  4. KOMO process certificate (for realisation processes, building processes)
  5. KOMO services certificate
  6. KOMO personal qualification
  7. KOMO management system certificate

Are you located outside the Netherlands? In that case, the KOMO product certificate for raw materials and building products is most relevant to you, in addition to both the KOMO certificate for the performance of a product during its application and the KOMO attestation with product certificate.

Do you offer services in the building and/or infrastructure sector in the Netherlands? Then the other certificates are, likewise, options with proven added value for you.

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See infographic KOMO Certificates

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