KOMO respects the privacy of visitors to this website. We treat any personal information you provide with strict confidentiality and we only use it for the purpose indicated by you. If applicable, personal data will be processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
We use Google Analytics to maintain and improve our website.

Data Processing

Browsing the website is anonymous, unless you share your data with us. If you send us a contact form, or contact us by email, we will retain the data you provide for as long as is necessary to fully process your request.

The data in our database, which are partially visible on the website, are treated confidentially and are not used for commercial purposes. However, we can use this data to stimulate the application of KOMO certified products and/or processes.

KOMO registers the following personal data:

  • The names, email addresses and telephone numbers from the contact with certificate and/or attestation holders (management, quality management and/or PR marketing) are processed in so far as these have been provided to KOMO. This enables KOMO to inform them about the developments regarding KOMO certification and other services that KOMO offers them. After logging in to the KOMO website, a certificate and/or attestation holder can only view the data belonging to his/her contact persons and indicate whether any data needs to be changed or deleted. As soon as the validity of his/her last certificate or attestation (which is applicable) expires, KOMO deletes the relevant data and no longer has these at its disposal.
  • The names, email addresses and telephone numbers of the licensees (certification bodies and/or scheme managers) are kept (in so far as these have been provided to KOMO) for the communication about the various certification schemes and the certificates and/or attestations issued. In the publication for criticism of a certification scheme, the contact’s name and email address are published on its website during the period set for laying criticism. Data from these persons will be changed and/or deleted at the request of a representative of a licensee. If a certification scheme expires, we delete the data of the contact person concerned.
  • Members of the KOMO Quality Committee assess certification schemes in accordance with instructions from KOMO. After these have been shown to meet the requirements set and/or to be set, they are accepted. We publish the names of the members of this committee on the KOMO website in so far as KOMO has permission for this. These names are deleted if the person concerned asks us to do this or if his/her membership expires.
  • The KOMO board must be representative of the building sector and those in the sector must know who they can possibly approach. The names of the KOMO board members and the organisation they represent are published on the KOMO website in so far as KOMO has permission for this. These names are also registered with the Chamber of Commerce. The names concerned are deleted if the person concerned asks us to do this or if his/her membership expires.
  • The names of the director, the operational manager and the KOMO quality assurance assistant are published on the KOMO website. The operational manager is responsible for the processing of personal data. These names are deleted if the employment ends with the person concerned.

KOMO does not provide the data of certificate holders and licensees to other organisations. In so far as organisations have permission to inspect the KOMO database, they can never view any registered names there.


We have taken every possible precaution to protect the data of certificate holders and users. However, data from the KOMO quality declarations (certificates and suchlike) and their owners are published. The performance assurance offered is also published, if applicable and available. Through the publication of these data, a company can be selected for the application of products and/or realisation processes and the KOMO quality declaration concerned can be checked to see if it is (still) valid.

You can of course view your own data on the website. If you should happen to find any unexpected errors in our overview, we invite you to submit a written or digital request asking us to amend the relevant data.

We do not provide the data concerned to third parties, except to promote the application of the relevant KOMO certified products and/or realisation processes.

Google Analytics

Our website uses Google Analytics. This allows us to keep track of how visitors use our website. Anonymised IP addresses are used for this, in other words, no data from the website visitor concerned is retained, only which pages are visited and how long a session lasts. The information obtained is stored on a Google server in the USA. In case of a legal obligation, this information may be provided to third parties. The provider also processes the information for analysis. The provider does not have permission to use this information for other services.

Newsletter and Blogs

KOMO regularly publishes a general newsletter (by email) and blogs (on the KOMO website). This is the way we keep our customers and interested parties informed about matters and developments connected to KOMO certification. Additionally, we publish the MyKOMO Bulletin, a newsletter for certificate and/or attestation holders. This newsletter covers matters that are of specific interest to certificate and/or attestation holders. Your email address will only be added to the relevant newsletter file if you give/have given us permission for this. You can unsubscribe from this newsletter at any time.

Applicable Law

Dutch law applies to this website and all documents belonging to this website. Any disputes arising from this website will be heard exclusively by a court of our choosing.

Amending the Privacy Statement

We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Statement when necessary. We will publish any changes on this website.

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