Benefits for business: KOMO and YOU

KOMO offers benefits for business in the building industry and the infrastructure sector.
Discover what benefits the KOMO Quality Mark has for your situation.

For clients and buyers in the building and infrastructure sector

If you purchase KOMO certified products for the building and infrastructure sector, or have these purchased for you, the quality is guaranteed. You can show in black and white that, as the client, you arranged the best quality raw materials and materials available for processing. This has significance for situations in which liabilities are important and in which you want to be able to take out insurance that fully covers your property.

It also has great significance for the survival of the building or infrastructure in the future. The more KOMO certified products correctly applied in a building, the less maintenance-sensitive it will be on those points. And the better the sustainability and value of a building is retained and protected.

For contractors in the building and infrastructure sector

Products with the KOMO Quality Mark satisfy all the quality requirements set by market parties. That is objectively established by independent experts. By using products with the KOMO Quality Mark, you contribute to the quality assurance of the building or infrastructure project concerned. And with that, to your reputation as a high-quality building company. When you process KOMO certified building and/or infrastructure products you offer your client certainty. So isn’t the CE mark sufficient? See what the FIEC (European Building Industry Foundation, the umbrella organisation for European branch organisations in the building industry and infrastructure sector) says about this.
CE marking is a prescribed ‘passport’. But KOMO an objective quality compass that offers the comfort of guaranteed quality.

For producers of raw materials and materials for buildings and infrastructures

Do you produce one or more raw materials and/or materials for the building industry and infrastructure sector under KOMO certification? In that case, you actively distinguish yourself from other suppliers by maintaining the highest quality standards. Repeatedly and objectively tested by independent experts. Demonstrable with the KOMO certificate and accompanying quality mark. This way your raw material or other materials immediately acquire a preferential position within the market for building and infrastructure projects in the Netherlands (it complies with the legislation and regulations applicable in the Netherlands and with all requirements of professional market parties).

Outside the Netherlands, KOMO certification plays a major role as important, internationally valued designation. In addition to a decisive competitive advantage in relation to Dutch buyers, with the KOMO Quality Mark you also acquire a profiling tool for other markets.

KOMO stands for trust, sustainability, innovation and cost savings.

Confidence by being certain about whether products, processes and people meet the quality and environmental requirements that market parties and governments set.

Sustainability in terms of promoting the use of renewable materials, striving for climate-neutral building and sustainable processing methods.

Innovation, because the building and infrastructure sector − as one of the leading sectors in Europe − benefits from continuous progress and improvement of efficiency and results; KOMO stimulates innovation and further quality improvements.

Cost savings, because in many cases KOMO certification reduces transaction costs, helps reduce building site and failure costs, makes quality assurance costs manageable and buildings and infrastructure projects optimally insurable. When applying KOMO certified building materials, no batch inspections of KOMO certified building materials are required.

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