Quality products for the building industry are recognisable
by the KOMO quality mark

Products with a KOMO quality mark have been objectively tested and approved. Time and time again.
With KOMO you are certain: This is quality as promised. For instance, in the categories below.


Wood products in the building industry

Wooden (semi)finished products for the building industry, such as prefabricated wooden facade elements and doors.


Coatings and sealants

Professional coatings and sealants for all types of surfaces.


Concrete and concrete products

Raw materials and additives for concrete; concrete products, such as concrete pipes and wells.


Bitumen roof coverings

Bitumen roof coverings for both flat and sloping roofs.

KOMO certificate holders provide quality
for building and infrastructure

The KOMO quality mark is the top quality mark for the building and infrastructure sector. KOMO certificate holders distinguish themselves by getting their quality objectively tested by independent experts. Would you also like to be KOMO certified? Then watch the video clip.


New name digiGO endorses ambition of DigiDealGO digitalisation programme

November 16, 2020

digiGo is the new name of DigiDealGO, the national digitalisation programme Built Environment. With both a new corporate identity and website, but above all with renewed enthusiasm for strengthening and accelerating the digital transformation in the building sector. digiGO calls on organisations in the building sector to join digiGO.

Digital transformation in the building sector.
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KOMO Assessment Guidelines reinserted in STABU Catalogue

November 16, 2020

As of September 2020, Ketenstandaard (independent, neutral organisation developing, managing and promoting standards for the building, real estate, maintenance and installation chains) will gradually reinsert KOMO assessment guidelines in the STABU system. As a result, KOMO product certificates (certificates with attestation) and KOMO process certificates will be accessible again. This is an important development for KOMO certificate holders.

KOMO Assessment Guidelines reinserted in STABU Catalogue
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KOMO welcomes new employee and says farewell to departing colleague

November 10, 2020

The composition of the KOMO team is changing. On 1 October we welcome Erik-Jan de Bont. Erik-Jan is operational manager and is primarily tasked with managing the continuity and integrity of the KOMO system. A month later, on 1 November, we bid farewell to Jack van Everdink, who held this position since 2013.

Erik -Jan de Bont and Jack van Everdink
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