Quality products for the building industry are recognisable
by the KOMO quality mark

Products with a KOMO quality mark have been objectively tested and approved. Time and time again.
With KOMO you are certain: This is quality as promised. For instance, in the categories below.


Wood products in the building industry

Wooden (semi)finished products for the building industry, such as prefabricated wooden facade elements and doors.


Coatings and sealants

Professional coatings and sealants for all types of surfaces.


Concrete and concrete products

Raw materials and additives for concrete; concrete products, such as concrete pipes and wells.


Bitumen roof coverings

Bitumen roof coverings for both flat and sloping roofs.

KOMO certificate holders provide quality
for building and infrastructure

The KOMO quality mark is the top quality mark for the building and infrastructure sector. KOMO certificate holders distinguish themselves by getting their quality objectively tested by independent experts. Would you also like to be KOMO certified? Then watch the video clip.


Innovation Assessment Guideline (iAG) for innovative air treatment technology designed to prevent COVID contamination in lifts

January 4, 2022

COVID-19 has now had us in its grip for more than 18 months. Besides many obstacles and difficulties this is also a time in which solutions and ideas bubble up. The initiative to improve air quality in lifts and allow more people to go safely up and down in buildings arose this way. The engineering firm ABT collaborated with Interland Techniek, to develop an air treatment technique (Eleminair) to make this possible. The air cleansing solution even won Netherlands' most prestigious engineering prize, De Vernufteling 2020, awarded by Koninklijke NL Ingenieurs! (Royal NL Engineers).

iAG for air treatment technique in lifts
iAG for air treatment technique in lifts
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New KKTC Chairman sees innovation as central theme

September 30, 2021

Jos Lichtenberg is the new KKTC Chairman. He is a busy man with a formidable track record in the building world. From consultant for industrial, creative and executing companies to professor of Product Development at Eindhoven University of Technology. He is involved in various innovative building sector projects.

Jos Lichtenberg, chairman KKTC
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KOMO sets up Objections Committee

June 7, 2021

KOMO, like no other brand in the building industry, stands for objectivity and reliability. The KOMO Foundation works in collaboration with certification bodies and scheme managers and confirms the quality of the products and processes with the KOMO quality mark. Independent committees ensure that this is carried out in an orderly manner. A new committee has now been added, the KOMO Objections Committee.

New Objections Committee
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