Quality products for the building industry are recognisable
by the KOMO quality mark

Products with a KOMO quality mark have been objectively tested and approved. Time and time again.
With KOMO you are certain: This is quality as promised. For instance, in the categories below.


Wood products in the building industry

Wooden (semi)finished products for the building industry, such as prefabricated wooden facade elements and doors.


Coatings and sealants

Professional coatings and sealants for all types of surfaces.


Concrete and concrete products

Raw materials and additives for concrete; concrete products, such as concrete pipes and wells.


Bitumen roof coverings

Bitumen roof coverings for both flat and sloping roofs.

KOMO certificate holders provide quality
for building and infrastructure

The KOMO quality mark is the top quality mark for the building and infrastructure sector. KOMO certificate holders distinguish themselves by getting their quality objectively tested by independent experts. Would you also like to be KOMO certified? Then watch the video clip.


The ‘Wkb is a game changer, building quality improvements need to be introduced as soon as possible’

November 16, 2022

Minister Hugo de Jonge decided to postpone the Environment Act, and consequently also the Building Quality Assurance Act (Wkb), by another six months to 1 July 2023. The postponement is mainly due to concerns about the new ICT system, the Digital System Environment Act (DSO). There is lots online discussion about it. “However, in the coverage surrounding the postponement, we miss the impact it will have on the building industry,” says Ton Jans, director of KOMO and KiK. We have a few questions for him.

Wkb is a game changer
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STABU2 Catalogue update with 10 KOMO Assessment Guidelines

October 11, 2022

Once again, during the past few months STABU added Assessment Guidelines and made these available online in the STABU2 Catalogue. A total of 10 KOMO Assessment Guidelines were added.

KOMO assessment guidelines now in STABU database!
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Housing concepts with KOMO certificate

October 5, 2022

Building companies are becoming more and more interested in standardisation and industrialisation. There are even entire housing factories emerging. Industrially manufactured housing provides an answer to the huge housing shortage and the search by consumers, housing associations and others for affordable housing. SKH certifies residential concepts for KOMO certificates on the basis of Assessment Guideline 0904: Timber Frame Homes, and Assessment Guideline 0905: Building Systems for Energy-Efficient Homes and Home Extensions.

Picture VDM Woningen
Jaspis, building company VDM Woningen
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