Quality products for the building industry are recognisable
by the KOMO quality mark

Products with a KOMO quality mark have been objectively tested and approved. Time and time again.
With KOMO you are certain: This is quality as promised. For instance, in the categories below.


Wood products in the building industry

Wooden (semi)finished products for the building industry, such as prefabricated wooden facade elements and doors.


Coatings and sealants

Professional coatings and sealants for all types of surfaces.


Concrete and concrete products

Raw materials and additives for concrete; concrete products, such as concrete pipes and wells.


Bitumen roof coverings

Bitumen roof coverings for both flat and sloping roofs.

KOMO certificate holders provide quality
for building and infrastructure

The KOMO quality mark is the top quality mark for the building and infrastructure sector. KOMO certificate holders distinguish themselves by getting their quality objectively tested by independent experts. Would you also like to be KOMO certified? Then watch the video clip.


Concept homes with KOMO certificate and template in KiK

January 27, 2021

The introduction of the Wkb and the amended burden of proof for the builder, means the builder of concept homes faces a new challenge. How does the builder demonstrate that the concept offered meets the requirements of the Wkb and the burden of proof under the Civil Code? And how does the builder keep the costs affordable for the quality assurer?

Building companies specialising in concept homes can opt to certify their concept(s)
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Certification schemes in KiK provide proof for builder

January 27, 2021

The Building Quality Assurance Act (Wkb), the Environment and Planning Act, and the builder's liability were amended simultaneously in the Civil Code. The amended burden of proof means that the builder is liable for defects, including after delivery. The builder must manage the burden of proof properly. And that can be done with the (KOMO) certificate, currently also available in the KiK tool.

The builder must manage the burden of proof properly
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KOMO and ERM intensify collaboration

December 8, 2020

KOMO, and ERM will start to collaborate structurally, so that building companies can certify themselves cost-efficiently for work both in the ordinary building sector and for the preservation of historic building and sites. The business community wishes to be able to work in the ordinary building sector, as well as within cultural heritage, on the basis of well-coordinated assessment guidelines. The collaboration between KOMO and ERM fulfils this wish.

Both ordinary building and cultural heritage benefit
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