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November 2, 2023

Infographics clarify the KOMO system

Every picture tells a story, so the saying goes. We agree. This is why we created three infographics clearly explaining the KOMO system.

1  KOMO certificates

What certificates does KOMO have? Certificates range from Product Certificate to Management System Certificate; all types of KOMO certificates briefly explained. Read more about certificates on this page.

KOMO certificates

See infographic KOMO Certificates

2  The process of KOMO certification

What steps do you go through when you want to use the KOMO Quality Mark for a product, a building system, a realisation process, a service or a management system? Learn more about KOMO certification on this page.

The process of KOMO certification

See infographic The KOMO certification process

3  The process of creating Assessment Guidelines

Imagine there is no Assessment Guideline yet for the product, building system, realisation process, service or management system that you want to certify. What process is used to create the required Assessment Guideline?

See infographic The process of creating Assessment Guidelines (AG)

If you require further details please send an email to info@komo.nl or telephone 085-4862420.

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