Are you aware of everything KOMO brings you?

Your company has one or more KOMO certificates. And what does that get you? We have set that out for you in a summary.

  • With your KOMO certificate you show that your quality has been objectively tested by independent experts and that it fully meets the requirements.
  • You can distinguish yourself from other providers and acquire a preferential market position. After all, the KOMO certificate leaves absolutely no room for doubt and is the guideline for quality in building and infrastructure.
  • KOMO makes sure that products and building processes with the KOMO quality mark are always brought to the attention of clients and prescribers.
  • KOMO uses multimedia to promote the KOMO quality mark in order to further increase the added value for certificate holders in building and infrastructure.
  • Your investments in quality result in added value for products, services and employees − your performance grows!
  • You receive the latest (certification) news about KOMO in your email inbox and you have access to ‘My KOMO’ − the exclusive website for certificate holders.
  • With KOMO certificates you are optimally prepared for the new Quality Assurance Act for Building in the Netherlands (Wkb). Under that Act, products and building processes with a KOMO certificate are given even more priority in building and infrastructure.
  • The KOMO quality mark has been a household name at home and abroad for more than 55 years. KOMO is trusted in the market: your customers get the best quality.
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