Proud of your KOMO certificate? Why not show it… 3 tips & tricks!

As a KOMO certificate holder you take a leading position in the market. You are special because you provide objectively proven quality. That’s something you ought to let everyone see! With these tips & tricks you will convince customers even faster of the added value your KOMO certificates offer. And therefore of the added value of your products or services.

Make your added value visible

1. Place the KOMO quality mark on your website. You can link your site to , which convincingly sets out all the advantages of certified quality. That works in your favour!

2. Make sure your offers/quotes are accompanied by the KOMO quality mark and state which of the products and/or processes you offer are KOMO-certified;

3. Communicate the added value of your KOMO certificate(s) through your (email) newsletters. For this purpose you can, for example, make good use of independent-and-objective.

Use your quality distinction

Your KOMO certificate is a quality distinction. The greater the number of certificate holders (such as yourself!) that show they have it; the greater its power. Some customers may be unaware that you are KOMO certified. Or they do not know exactly what KOMO-certification means. In both cases: a missed opportunity. That is why it is always better to communicate your objectively proven quality.
Because in collaboration with KOMO you make the difference.

Use of the KOMO logo: the small letters

Only KOMO certificate holders and licensees are permitted to use the (legally protected) KOMO® logo for communication purposes. As certificate holder, you can also use the QR code which is mentioned on the website alongside the relevant certificate. Attestation holders and holders of management system certificates are permitted to use the KOMO word mark, but not the (legally protected) KOMO® logo. Questions? Call: +31 85 486 24 20

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