Quality Assurance Act for Building (Wkb): KOMO process certification firmly growing

The demand for KOMO-certified building processes is firmly in an upward trend. This is partly due to the effect of the new Quality Assurance Act for Building (Wkb). With the arrival of the Wkb, the Civil Code will change also. Every builder in The Netherlands will be tasked with the burden of proof and will need to be able to show in black and white that the work performed has been done professionally in each and every project.

Building processes with guaranteed quality

The building and infrastructure companies will of course shift their new responsibility and liability to subcontractors, installation companies and suppliers. These operators will be expected to use products whose quality is guaranteed in advance. And to apply these through building processes in accordance with the same rules. The solution: products and building processes with KOMO certificate or attestation.

Objectively tested implementation quality

Every building process in building and infrastructure can be KOMO certified. A KOMO process certificate states that in a specific building process (for example: installing facade panels or installing a system frame during building) you have met the quality requirements set by independent experts in advance. And that an accredited certification body has performed a series of checks afterwards to determine whether the intended result has actually been achieved in accordance with the set standards.

Able to demonstrate good work immediately

Therefore, a KOMO process certificate proves, for example, that you have installed the facade panels or frames in accordance with the objective standards accepted in the market and that the final result meets the requirements. The certificate describes very precisely what process it has been issued for as proof of successfully completed official testing. Has building work been performed with certified products according to processes that have been awarded a KOMO certificate or attestation? If they have then the quality can be demonstrated immediately. In accordance with the Quality Assurance Act for Building (Wkb).

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