KOMO certificates becomes even more valuable

Your KOMO certificates now becomes even more valuable


Responsibility, liability and the burden of proof for everything built, will all be held by the builder. The liability will apply for 20 years. If a deviation or error is detected during that period, the builder is liable, unless he/she or the operator concerned can prove that a good job was done (by correctly meeting the required burden of proof). Therefore, under the new building system to be introduced in the Netherlands, your KOMO certificates will become even more valuable than they already were.


The market will honour tested quality

The most efficient way to limit liability is to prove quality and to apply it through KOMO-certified products and building processes. The objective quality of this is certain and the expectation is that the market will honour it. That is because KOMO is a ‘genuine’ mark of quality! It guarantees that independent experts continually reassess and determine the quality of a product, process, service or system according to objective rules, based on predefined and definite criteria.
Not only do KOMO-certified products and processes make it easier to manage liability, they also ensure lower costs.


Reduced assurance costs

This is because the application of products and processes of which the quality is guaranteed in advance means a lot less work is required from the external quality assurance body. As a result of the Quality Assurance Act for the building sector, an external quality assurance body such as this is an obligation. Does the building company apply KOMO-certified products and building processes? If it does, the quality assurance body will not need to check this. Less work means the building process will be less costly.


Better insurability

Building projects under the Wkb in which KOMO-certified products and processes are used and where, moreover, KiK from KOMO is also used as an ‘instrument’ (prescribed quality system that meets government requirements), are easier to insure. The Dutch Association of Insurers is therefore one of the 30 (sector) organisations that KOMO’s KiK recommends as ‘the’ generic quality assurance instrument.


Demand for KOMO on the increase

The demand for products, building processes and services that also come under KOMO certification will increase further now that the new Dutch building legislation is just around the corner. Consequently, your current and future KOMO certificates will become even more valuable!

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