All KOMO assessment guidelines now in online STABU database

June 16, 2022

KOMO assessment guidelines in STABU database

KOMO assessment guidelines for specifications writers

KOMO assessment guidelines will now be integrated in the online STABU database! This is another step forward in the digitisation of the building sector using KOMO quality data.

KOMO stands for objectively and independently determined quality in house building, utilities, road and hydraulic engineering. STABU’s online Web Catalogue includes KOMO assessment guidelines for specifications writers. The STABU system helps the specifications writer draw up and process building files quickly and efficiently.

Open Specification Format (OSF) no longer available

Older specifications may have used the KOMO specification catalogue in the Open Specification Format (OSF). This was developed by the suppliers of specification software. The catalogue is no longer updated and will no longer be published after 1 July 2022.


In the field of specification information, KOMO works closely with sector organisations STABU, BNB, FBS, KUBUS, Zeeboer, De Twee Snoeken and S-Bestek.

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