KOMO welcomes new employee and says farewell to departing colleague

November 10, 2020

The composition of the KOMO team is changing. On 1 October we welcome Erik-Jan de Bont. Erik-Jan is operational manager and is primarily tasked with managing the continuity and integrity of the KOMO system. A month later, on 1 November, we bid farewell to Jack van Everdink, who held this position since 2013.

Erik-Jan de Bont

New Employee

Erik-Jan de Bont has acquired extensive expertise in the field of certification. After completing his studies of Applied Earth Sciences and Civil Engineering at the University of Technology in Delft (Netherlands), Erik-Jan worked at TNO Building and Construction Research and Kiwa Construction and Infrastructure. Erik-Jan also held various positions, including within NEN Standard Committees. Since 2003 he has been a member of various panels of experts and technical committees.

We look forward to his arrival with confidence and pleasure.

Jack van Everdink

Departing Employee

Although he already reached retirement age a while ago, Jack van Everdink is now leaving us. Jack joined KOMO as a Policy Officer/Quality Manager on 1 January 2013. Jack was also involved from the beginning in the development of the KOMO Quality Assurance instrument (KiK) according to the directives of the Building Quality Assurance Act (WKB).

He was indispensable in the years he worked for us. His knowledge of technology, legislation and certification is exceptional. He is also blessed with an incredibly good memory. These are just a few of the reasons why we will miss Jack enormously. However, fortunately KOMO and KiK are not about to lose access to Jack’s knowledge and skills. On the contrary, we will engage him when the need arises. Jack will remain involved with the KOMO Foundation as a consultant and he will also become a member of the KOMO Quality and Assessment Committee.

We wish Jack all the best.


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