KOMO Quality Mark: demonstrable quality for timber producers and timber builders

April 26, 2023

Building with wood, it is impossible to imagine life without it. Whether it is wooden facade elements, dormers, exterior doors, roof structures or complete wooden energy-efficient concept homes. The KOMO Quality Mark gives timber builders an official way of showing and demonstrating quality. Building using wood is in the spotlight. Not only because of its circular properties. There are more advantages to building with wood. You can build faster and the lower weight saves the builder on transportation and hoisting costs. Moreover, people find living in wooden buildings very pleasant.

Wkb and changed burden of proof

The advent of the Building Quality Assurance Act (Wkb) and the changed burden of proof on the builder presents a new challenge for suppliers of wood products. The KOMO quality mark will soon have a role in this required burden of proof. After all, it is a document prepared by an independent third party, it provides justified confidence regarding the quality expected upon delivery. Being in possession of the Quality Mark puts you ahead and immediately places you in a stronger position.

Concept homes made entirely from timber awarded certification

An interesting development in building with wood is the prefabricated wooden home. In light of the enormous challenge to provide housing in the Netherlands, this offers opportunities. Producing homes in factories is less labour-intensive, reduces the risk of errors and is cheaper.

KOMO provides certification for complete, sustainable, prefabricated homes. KOMO attestation with product certificate is awarded for complete, prefabricated, sustainable homes based on Assessment Guideline 0903-1 (Modular building systems – Units for permanent use), Assessment Guideline 0905 (Building systems for energy-efficient homes and home extensions) and Assessment Guideline 0904 (Timber frame homes).

Prefabricated wooden home Finch Buildings
Picture: De Groot Vroomshoop
Prefabricated wooden home Finch Buildings in factory
Picture: De Groot Vroomshoop
Prefabricated wooden home Haarkes Stee
Picture: VDM Woningen
Prefabricated wooden home Haarkes Stee
Picture: VDM Woningen

The trade magazine BouwTotaal covered this development with building companies and KOMO certificate holders VDM Woningen and De Groot Vroomshoop. Wim Sturris, director of De Groot Vroomshoop called on SKH (quality mark certification body for wood) requesting certification for a prefabricated home built entirely from wood in accordance with this Assessment Guideline. Read about his experiences here.

A range of organisations are embracing the KOMO Quality Mark in timber building, including timber builders of the Dutch Trade Association for the Carpentry Industry (NBvT).

Want certification too?

If you would like to certify your timber product, process or concept, get in touch with one of our certification bodies.


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