As-Built label added to KOMO process certificate Assessment Guideline 2826-00

March 20, 2024

The latest development surrounding certification under the Building Quality Assurance Act (Wkb) is the addition of the as-built label to the KOMO process certificate based on Assessment Guideline 2826-00. It is the first Assessment Guideline leading to this KOMO process certificate with the as-built label. Assessment Guideline 2826-00 covers ’the realisation and maintenance of stacked building structures’. Think here of specialist work skills such as bricklaying, gluing and grouting of masonry.

Arrival of Building Quality Assurance Act (Wkb) calls for ‘As Built Quality’

The Building Quality Assurance Act (Wkb), from 1 January 2024, aims to improve the as-built quality, which is defined as the actual quality of a building upon completion. A quality assurance body checks the as-built quality and if satisfactory issues a declaration to the competent authority saying there is justified confidence that the building meets the building regulations.

Specialist work skills such as bricklaying.
Specialist work skills such as bricklaying, gluing and grouting of masonry.

As-Built Quality matters

The quality assurance body demands solid evidence from its building project that all on-site building work was performed correctly: the as-built quality. If the quality assurance body fails to receive this proof, it sets about collecting it during the physical inspections. The result is increased costs for quality assurance.

For example, KOMO has assessment guidelines as proof of confidence in a good product or in proper processing (the process). Assessment guidelines for products usually focus on the demonstrable control of the production process in the factory and the performance of the manufactured product. However, a good product that is applied incorrectly still performs inadequately. Assessment guidelines for processes often focus on the demonstrable correct processing of these products including associated (legal) requirements on the building site: the quality regulations for building processes.

The KOMO process certificate with as-built label adds an essential aspect to this, especially with the arrival of the Building Quality Assurance Act in mind. It also gives confidence in the correctness of the evidence provided by the certificate holder about the delivered as-built quality.

As built label

KOMO process certificate with as-built label: quality as promised

SKG-IKOB Certification developed the option of using KOMO process certificate Assessment Guideline 2826-00 to show the as-built quality of a specific completed building: proof of good workmanship delivered! It does therefore represent a further upgrade to the familiar KOMO process certificate Assessment Guideline 2826-00. SKG-IKOB monitors the evidence of the as-built quality submitted by the certificate holder based on checks before, during and after execution. The certification body monitors through unannounced checks on the building site and file reviews.

How does the KOMO certificate holder obtain the as-built label?

A certificate holder of Assessment Guideline 2826-00 must submit full details to the client (or if the client gives the instruction to do so, directly to the quality assurance body) of all inspections performed of his/her/its internal quality assurance schemes and do this in a structural and structured way. The certificate holder must do this structurally for each project in the manner set out by the Assessment Guideline.

There are no additional requirements. The certificate will continue to be referred to as a KOMO process certificate and, for recognition purposes, the certificate will have an additional as-built label on the cover sheet.

This changes nothing as regards the certification mark, so there is no need for the certificate holder to adjust anything in the relevant documentation held.


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