KOMO Assessment Guidelines reinserted in STABU Catalogue

November 16, 2020

Products and processes with KOMO quality mark made accessible via databases

As of September 2020, Ketenstandaard (independent, neutral organisation developing, managing and promoting standards for the building, real estate, maintenance and installation chains) will gradually reinsert KOMO assessment guidelines in the STABU system. As a result, KOMO product certificates (certificates with attestation) and KOMO process certificates will be accessible again. This is an important development for KOMO certificate holders. Certainly because STABU has now merged with Ketenstandaard and through this forms a strong foundation in the field of standardisation for the residential and non-residential building sector and the building and installation sector. KOMO is constantly looking for ways to share both its assessment guidelines and certificate data through relevant channels. An important and valuable asset for the KOMO certificate holder, because good findability makes it easier for the building and infrastructure chain to prescribe and purchase products and processes that come with a KOMO quality mark.


Data linked from KOMO online

KOMO developed the digital platform KOMO online in which assessment guidelines are digitally accessible and the associated KOMO certificates published. KOMO online, which can be consulted since October 2019, has a direct link with the databases of Bouwbesluitonline.nl (buildng decree online) and KennisID.nl (direct access to knowledge products), so in the near future also with STABU contract document specifications. Introduction into the STABU system is a gradual proces due to the large number of KOMO assessment guidelines.

Once a KOMO assessment guideline is placed in the STABU system, the relevant contract document specifications will be removed from the website Openspecifications.nl. This stops contradictions arising between these systems. It also means that KOMO will at the same time stop publishing its contract document specifications on Openspecifications.nl and KOMO online.nl

KOMO is still working on a link with the databases of ZeeBoer and the Twee Snoeken. You will hear more on this at a later date.

STABU: current data for the building sector

The STABU system provides access to data for the building of homes and utility buildings in all phases of the building process. With this data, the user can create both specifications and complete building files. Moreover, the data is ideally suited for the Building Information Model (BIM).

The STABU team monitors the data to ensure that it is current and continues to satisfy the wishes and requirements of the building sector. Think here of legislation and regulations, new developments and technical innovations. The STABU system therefore also makes an important contribution to the Quality Assurance for Building Act and to circular building.

KOMO quality mark a good thing

Through the ease of KOMO online and the links with other relevant databases, the building and infrastructure sector can ‘link up’ directly with everything that is supplied under KOMO. That’s a good thing because if the items supplied come with the KOMO quality mark they are guaranteed to meet all applicable quality requirements of market parties and governments. The KOMO certificate proves its value, also when it concerns the Building Quality Assurance Act and the amended burden of proof that lies with the builder.

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