Why important clients ask for KOMO (and that will do more in the future)

May 1, 2018

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The agricultural sector with its specific property requirements. The Civil and Hydraulic Engineering sector, which is committed to safety. Top architects who prioritise construction quality. And the serious do-it-yourselfer who only wants the very best. KOMO offers Important market parties certainty about quality. Is the KOMO quality mark on it? Then the quality is objectively assured. That’s why clients ask for KOMO. Because where it concerns building and infrastructure: with KOMO quality is an established fact.

Time after time and objectively

That’s because KOMO is a ‘real’ quality mark. It guarantees that independent experts repeatedly determine the quality of a product, building process, service or person, in accordance with objective rules. So that is something different to an indication of product characteristics made by the provider. And also something that differs from the result of an incidental product or process test in which the criteria are often drawn up ad hoc. KOMO is not only independent and objective; it is also 100% voluntary. In other words: a conscious choice made by the market party opting for the best quality. That makes the KOMO quality mark the favourite, par excellence, in infrastructure and building.

Quality assured to lower the costs

New construction regulations will probably be introduced in the Netherlands. The draft law is currently under review in the Senate. The essence is that it is obligatory to use an external quality assurance provider for every project that falls into a certain risk category. In addition to using an approved ‘instrument’ to demonstrate the quality assurance in a building or infrastructure project. The greater the number of certified products and processes applied, the lower the external costs for the quality assurance. Because KOMO-certified means that the quality is already assured. And that all market requirements and building regulations (both the Dutch and the cross-border European versions) have been demonstrably met. That is why the demand for KOMO-certified products, building processes, services and people will continue to increase.

The experts speak

Dré Boidin (director of Maintenance & Projects and Jaap Uithof (project manager a.i.) of housing association Staedion in The Hague: “Our specifications already state that KOMO-certified products, if available, must be applied. And that for building processes for which KOMO process certificates exists, builders with a relevant process certificate must be engaged. Under new building legislation, in principle the Quality Assurance Act for building, certified products and processes are entirely preferable,” according to Uithof and Boidin.

Trust for the residential consumer

“After all, it has already been objectively established that qualitatively they are entirely in order, which means that the external party providing quality assurance does not need to monitor quality again. This gives the client the desired quality, saves on external assurance costs while giving the residential consumer the confidence that he/she is buying a good home or, for example, is renting from a trustworthy corporation. That certified processes are becoming increasingly important is certain. After all, everyone is looking for maximum certainty,” in Staedion’s opinion.

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