Three reasons that make one of the largest paint manufacturers in the world use a Dutch quality mark throughout Europe

February 7, 2018

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Some things seem to be 100% Dutch. Dutch liquorice, the Elfstedentocht (ice skating tour of eleven provinces) and… the KOMO Quality Mark for building and infrastructure. A trusted quality mark since 1962, but what can they do with that beyond the Dutch borders?

PPG Wood Finishes carries the KOMO Quality Mark

PPG Industries, a global player in the paint industry, transformed the brands D&M and Sigma into the global brand PPG Wood Finishes and positions them throughout Europe with the KOMO quality mark. Why? “In other countries they think that in the Netherlands we really understand the combination of wood and paint. This is partly because we approach the KOMO requirements as the lower limit – and these tests are many times heavier than the European standard EN927. So when you are abroad and can say that a product or system is KOMO-certified, they find that interesting”, says Jos Schuurmans, segment manager Wood at PPG Industrial Coatings.

Wooden façade elements

He continues: “For example, in Germany we also had discussions through a technical committee about how we in the Netherlands have organised the quality of window joints by means of the Assessment Guideline 0819 (the assessment guideline that underlies KOMO-certified joining techniques in wooden façade elements, eds.). In the Netherlands we work with certified glues and compounds, in Germany they still apply PVAC glue. In summary: the Dutch have a lot to offer the European carpentry industry.”

USA, Indonesia, Malaysia

Therefore, the seemingly true Dutch KOMO quality mark also does very well over the border. And that does not only apply in Europe. KOMO quality is also recognised and acknowledged in, for example, the United States, Indonesia and Malaysia. In all kinds of professional market segments, from roofing to wood for special applications and from pipe material to components for road building. Boundless trust – how great is that?

About PPG Industries

PPG Industries is based in Pittsburgh in the American state of Pennsylvania. The group, with more than 46,000 employees, is supplier of paints, coatings, chemicals, optical products, specialty materials, glass and optical fibre. In 2015, sales amounted to $15.3 billion (US dollars) and PPG had more than 150 production plants worldwide.

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