Changes to composition of KOMO KKTC

September 14, 2020

The KOMO Quality and Assessment Committee (Dutch abbreviation ‘KKTC’) is an independent committee and consists of experts from the building and infrastructure sector. An important task KKTC members have is to test, on the basis of their expertise, the KOMO assessment guidelines and associated model certificates, both as regards content and procedure, against the KOMO quality standard and the agreements with the licensees. On top of that, KKTC ensures that everything carrying the KOMO quality mark fully complies with all laws and regulations relating both to building materials and building activities.

KKTC knowledge and expertise has also recently been deployed to monitor the development of the KiK tool (Komo Building Quality Assurance) and to evaluate certification schemes for use with the KiK Tool. The KiK Tool is a software application specially developed for the ‘Wkb’ (Building Quality Assurance Act) instrument ‘KiK’.

Ton Jans, KOMO director

Komo director Ton Jans emphasises the importance of the KKTC: “The KOMO quality mark stands for guaranteed quality and reliability. This is performed and achieved in different ways. KKTC has an indispensable role in this In its capacity as an independent assessment platform. Accordingly, an addition to this is now the supervision of KiK tool development.”

New and Departing

The composition of KKTC members has changed. KOMO welcomes three new members while saying farewell to a departing member.


  • Ralph Hamerlinck from Hamerlinck consultancy agency. His expertise lies in the field of Building Decrees, building structures and fire safety.
  • Johan Veenbaas, coordinator of Building Engineering knowledge at STABU. He has specific knowledge of specifications and contract formation in the building sector.
  • Jos Lichtenberg, former professor of Building Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology. He is actively involved in building innovations, fire safety and sustainable building.


Guido Coppens indicated that he would step down from the position of KKTC member as of 30 June 2020. We do of course respect his decision. His work for KOMO started in mid-2015. We are pleased with the contribution he made to KKTC during the past few years.

Therefore, as of 1 July 2020, KKTC staffing is as follows

  • Jack van Everdink
  • Piet de Graaf
  • Ralph Hamerlinck
  • Peter Kosterman, secretary
  • Jos Lichtenberg
  • Michiel Nieuwenhuys
  • Johan Veenbaas
  • Ger van der Wal, chairperson

Bas van Etten (SKH) and Ton Jans (KOMO director) have been added to KKTC as advisors.

You can find more information about KKTC on the Dutch KOMO-website

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